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Dating dos and donts instructional film

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Synopsis - Information: What is the Dating: Do's and Don'ts movie about? Dating Do's and Don'ts is a 1949 instructional film designed for American high schools, to teach adolescents basic dating skills, produced by Coronet Instructional Films..To watch Dating: Do's and Don'ts you can use service like netflix, pay per view, emule and torrent. Dating Dos and Donts is one of the greatest examples of 1950s culture ever acquired.This famous film takes teens through the gauntlet of rigid rules for dating, from asking the right girl to how to say good night. After asking a girl to a dance, and her rejecting him because “everybody knows” he’s going steady with her friend, he thinks to himself: “Going steady? In one scene, two guys watch a young woman pass, ogle her, and say “Boy, does she got personality.” All that’s lacking is a suggestive cupping of the hands over his chest. This was a special Father’s Day show where Groucho was given the chance to interview the bachelor contestants to find a suitable partner for his daughter, Melinda. After doing this for about a minute, slowly move your hand over his groin area (while still outside his clothes) and start to gently grab and massage his penis.At this stage, you should hear him starting to groan and sigh.

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What I got was basically unwatchable..quality was tha... This DVD really brings back memories of the music I grew up with! Incredible to see this after all these years---never broadcast in the U.