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Then again, HER’s minimalist profile reflects the modern trend in online dating towards less chatty profiles that encourage users to interact rather than creep.

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On medieval maps this was a river, a natural divide which much later turned into a human-made divide.

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We had a very good series of opening statements that I listened to very carefully.

You know that you are crossing the mountains where great armies fought, as they created the stories that poets would write about. The longer you stay in Greece, the more you realize that what you thought was so inconvenient is actually really convenient.

You know that you are crossing a land that was occupied for centuries and passing the crevices where guerrilla fighters would lay in wait. In the fall, the concept of planting trees in the middle of the sidewalks had seemed completely nonsensical, but when summer arrived, it became clear that these leafy trees provide Athens with the most perfect awning, continuously shading the city’s maze of sidewalks.

We moved from there to a working lunch where we went more into the actual substance of the issues.

It was a good exchange, it was an open and frank exchange, and it was an exchange that confirmed to us all two things: first that there are difficult issues to overcome, but secondly that there is a will to overcome them from all the participants and all the people present at that lunch.