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Also, because I wrote this years ago, it is not my fault that I have two stories with 'straight girls' in the title right next to each other. She thought she might leave, but the girl was like a limpet, and even when she carried her into the bedroom, she wasn't letting go. At this point, she really wouldn't put anything past this girl. "Lacey grabbed her arm and pulled her into the coat room. Where, if I remember right, you didn't even get off. That first night they'd eaten too much chocolate and drank too much scotch and then made out until Lacey's pupils were blown and she was gasping, half in Ruby's lap. And then I'm going to try to get you off, at least twice.

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So she curled up in the pillows, and let herself be snuggled. There'd been a six o'clock alarm in the morning, and she'd gotten an arm to the face, as Lacey'd flailed for it, and then a very clear and unhappy, "Oh shit," and Ruby wished she'd just snuck out. "Okay, two minutes."When she was let go, Ruby stepped back and crossed her arms. Lacey looked up from her feet and gave her a wry half smile. At least, if I am, I’ve never done anything about it. You don't owe me anything."If anything, Lacey looked more miserable. After Lacey's terrible date at the Red Wolf Brewpub she has a better one. Ruby slid her hand up her skirt and got her off easily. Customers were coming in."I want to have sex with you! But Lacey's never hooked up with a girl before, and Ruby knows better than to get involved with straight girls. It's not a straight road (for obvious reasons), and there are definitely some bumps along the way. Lacey slumped onto her, breathing hard into her shoulder. And though the thought was nice, couldn't she have just left a text message? "Ruby was almost out of the closet, and the irony was not lost on her. "That was a lot louder than probably Lacey had intended. The customers looked at her."I just don't know how to get someone off if they don't have a dick! " Lacey snapped back, pushing her hands away, annoyed at being manhandled. ""You already were the experience, and Kate is not letting me live it down. Look, you tick all the boxes, except, you know, the male one. and also i'm not that butchy but i would appeal to a girl as more guyish. “It’s not going to work, date a queer woman, cut your losses. Once upon a time I too spiraled down the straight girl rabbit hole, way back in the throes of my twisted youth and I learned the hard way that it's a trap with no happy ending. They're playing along, reciting the lines they know you want to hear.